Super Speciosa is a USA based Kratom vendor who is GMP qualified by American Kratom Association. They gather fresh Kratom from Indonesia and also check the sustainability of the kratom by trusted harvesters. Also the kratom gets tested batch to batch by third party for quality check and presence of other substances in it. They provide white, green and red kratom strains. However the vendor is fully engaged in making customers happy and satisfied as they say that their customers deserve all the good  services by them.

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Why to choose Super Speciosa?

        While there are many vendors on web who are selling kratom and making money without giving attention to the quality of kratom, it is hard to find a vendor who sells all pure products and is loyal with its customers.super speciosa is best choice for the people who want quality kratom. They get kratom leaves by reliable harvesters and get them dried indoor to maintain the purity, also you will find kratom in fresh leaf form. The kratom is tested batch to batch by third party for testing contaminants and impurities and meeting the quality standards of GMP. all the products are packaged by machines, no hand packed products just to avoid germs and to keep the products hygienic. All the strains are finely milled and the blends are superb.

Which products they offer?

    Super speciosa deals in kratom powder, teas, capsules, tablets and Hemp CBD. Products and prices for powder kratom are mentioned below;

  • Super speciosa kratom
  • Green maeng da
  • Premium bali
  • Red bali
  • Red maeng da
  • White maeng da
  • White thai

Price range is from $9.99-$599

Mentioned below is variety of kratom Capsules;

  • White maeng da
  • Green maeng da
  • Red maeng da
  • Premium bali
  • Super speciosa
  • White thai
  • Red bali

Price range $16.00-$81.00

Tablets are also available in following strains;

  • Red maeng da
  • White maeng da
  • Green maeng da

Price range is $7.99-$39.99 for all strains.

Returns and refunds

The vendor makes customers relaxed by offering a cash back guarantee. It makes it easy for a person to trust a vendor and the product before shopping from them. Super speciosa offers a 30 days return with full cashback. It requires a receipt and the person has to bear charges for shipping. Returns are only acceptable if a product is damaged or has a quality issue.

Shipping policy

Cut off Time to place an order is by 2pm and does same day shipping. If you iorder after 2pm the order will be shipped the next working day. Shipments are done through USPS, priority mail and express mail. Expected time for delivery is 1-2 days for express and 2-3 days for priority mail.


  • High alkaloids
  • Fine quality
  • Finely milled
  • Clean and hygienic packaging process
  • Quality kratom by reliable harvesters
  • Products have wide range
  • Many happy customers according to reviews
  • Informative website
  • GMP qualified
  • Third party lab tested
  • Fast delivery
  • Return offer with cashback


  • Limited strains and blends
  • Limited range in tablets
  • Price is little high
  • No free delivery
  • No sample packs


A friend of mine has been taking kratom for a long time now and I am happy to see how much it has helped him. He says that he has a lot of issues with depression sometimes and he read online about kratom, specifically about Maeng da kratom, and he thought that he would give it a try. I tasted the tea that he drinks and it tasted pretty good. He said that he had seen such a turn around from taking it that I thought I might be able to see some benefit or improvement as well.

What could go wrong? I thought. So that is when I went looking to try and find some and it isn’t easy. For Reference Visit:https://www.endonurse.com/maeng-da-kratom/ Trying to find kratom, where I lived, was really difficult, there are not many stores that have it. And they didn’t know what I was asking about when I asked them if they carried it. I knew right away that I had to go looking online and that is when I searched for Maeng da kratom to see what options might be available. Luckily, there is a variety to choose from.

I didn’t want to spend much money because I was not sure if it was going to work. Once I started taking it and if it was going to work then I was going to purchase more. I decided to buy the tea for myself as well but I also bought some pills to take just in case I was out and couldn’t make the tea. I want to be sure I can take it all the time and won’t forget. The pills and tea make it easy for me, having options to choose from like that. I ordered some Maeng da kratom and it came within days to my home.

I started taking it and have been taking it for at least 3 months now and have seen such a dramatic improvement in my life. I feel like I have less pain, more energy, more focus, and have been in a better mood. I really think the kratom is doing wonders for me and I am so glad that I decided to try it out for myself. I think that when this kratom supply runs out on me that I am going to order again because I have been enjoying the benefits that I am seeing from taking it. I think kratom is a wonderful substance being that it is natural and I don’t think there are many harmful side effects compared to other things that I might try to bring me more energy or help with pain etc. I really like the maeng da kratom and will keep taking it.

Benefits of Kratom Tea

Kratom tea has become very popular due to the many health benefits associated with it. Kratom tea can be consumed by anyone. However, it is important to take the right dosage to prevent the negative effects that come with overconsumption. It is recommended to take the kratom tea in the morning before going to your daily routines. Read on to understand the top benefits of Kratom tea.

Improves digestion

  • People with digestion and stomach problems can find relief with kratom tea. When you take kratom tea, your metabolism improves, which promotes digestion. It is known to cleanse the stomach and the intestines.

Drug withdrawal treatment

  • Kratom tea can help people withdraw from drug addictions. Nowadays, it is used in drug rehabilitation centers. Taking kratom tea reduces the effects of drug withdrawal, such as high blood pressure, headaches, and convulsions. Research has shown that people who found relief from drug addictions did not go back to using those drugs.

Enhances the appearance of an individual

  • Taking kratom tea regularly enhances blood flow in the body. When blood flows well, the skin becomes healthy and looks young. Additionally, kratom tea can heal skin problems such as dryness and skin rashes. Due to this, Kratom is becoming popular among users.

Acts as a stimulant

  • If you have low energy levels or you want to improve your performance, you should take kratom tea. The tea stimulates your mind, focus, and positivity. It is recommended for people who work with heavy machines and requires a lot of concentration. To know more about kratom click here.

Relaxation effects

  • Relaxation is a long term effect of kratom tea. Once you start taking the tea, tension and stress will be eliminated. It allows one to calm down and have a good night sleep. Moreover, kratom tea has been proven to help people with depression.

Side Effects of Kratom Tea

Just like other herbal products, kratom tea has some side effects. They include;

  • Dry mouth,
  • Lack of focus,
  • Stomach upset, and
  • Blurry vision.
  • Where to purchase Kratom Tea

You can get kratom tea through the online stores that specialize in kratom products. Most of these stores will ship kratom tea to all parts of the world, except in countries and cities where the herb is still illegal. Be sure to check the status of the herb in your country before you place an order in any store. Make sure you choose a supplier who offers a money back guarantee.

Final Thought

The effects you get will determine with the kratom tea powder you have used. If you want strong effects, you should go for the Maeng Da Kratom powder. But if you want mild effects, you should go for the White Vein Kratom powder.

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The Kratom leaves are used as a recreational medicine and as a prescription. Individuals use kratom for sedative abstinence, cough, discouragement, stress and many others; however, there is no scientific evidence to help these users. Using kratom can also be dangerous.

Who can use this kratom?

In many societies, it is popular among the working class, but later it has proven to be fantastic for those who have to do mental assessment tasks consistently. This tension kratom can decrease psychological pressure and allows the user to be progressively conscious and focused for the day.

If it is unbearable for you to work under constant pressure at work and obtain the best result, then you will surely find comfort in Maeng Da Kratom. Those who suffer from social unrest or need certainty, in general, may also think that it is compelling to support their confidence and remain safe throughout the day.

How can it work?

Kratom contains a compound called mitragynine. Mitragynine works like opioid medications, for example, codeine and morphine to relieve pain.

In the remote possibility that you need to start using kratom, at that moment it is better than you know why you should do it. Surely you can think that it is convenient when you use it moderately. So here is a part of the advantages of using Maeng da kratom. You can choose between capsules or powder.

Maeng Da Kratom effects

Euphoric impacts

  • When you do not feel happy or tragic for a long time for unknown reasons, you can surely discover Maeng Da kratom perfect to have a comfortable inclination in your head. It is smarter to take it in the first part of the day to stay in a decent mentality throughout the day.
  • Give clear considerations to your head and raise the ecstasy. Users have noticed that they efficiently manufacture resistance for this kratom when they spend a substantial portion of the reasonable premise. Therefore, you must ensure that you take it in moderation and it is also better to continue changing the kratom strain.


  • Maeng Da kratom has proven to be extremely accommodating to those who experience the harmful effects of tremendous pain. This kratom strain is known for its incitement to viable analgesia. It is perfect for those who prefer not to face the soothing symptoms of the recipes.
  • That may not be useful for those who experience the harmful effects of extreme pain; however, those who have used it to decrease moderate pain think it is excellent.


  • The incitement is one of the real impacts of Maeng Da Kratom. It prepares you both mentally and physically. So, in case you feel stressed by the symptoms that accompany the caffeine-based stimulants, then the kratom is the perfect choice for you, as it does not have such negative impacts on your body.
  • If you have the possibility that your main concerns are palms soaked in sweat, cold or any physical anguish, then you can rely on this kratom tension to give it an unmistakable perspective without sensations. The main thing to remember is not an overdose.

Where to buy?

Maeng Da kratom is very popular and easily accessible. Today, many online stores around the world offer all kinds of kratom items. If you are looking for powder or capsules, you can quickly discover a supposed organization; https://thegoldenmonk.com/product/maeng-da/ that takes your need into account with perfection. Before making your request, you must check whether the items have been tested in the laboratory or not.

The Bali Gold Kratom is one of the best strains of kratoms. This herb has become very popular in different parts of the globe due to its immense benefits. It has potent pain relief, stimulating, and euphoria-inducing qualities. This strain is known for its long-lasting effects making it a more powerful brand than the Red Bali type.


Why You Need to Ingest Bali Gold Kratom

  • Ingesting Bali Gold Kraton has numerous health benefits that include;
  • Effective in relieving pain
  • It has long lasting effects
  • It has potent sedative properties
  • Boosting one’s appetite
  • Provides relaxation and euphoria

Effects and Benefits of Bali Gold Kratom

Boosting Appetite

This herb is helpful in boosting appetite. It is, therefore, recommended for those people who are interested in changing their eating habits.

It Is Sedative

It has potent sedative properties making it an effective option for the curing process. In addition to this, its stimulating effects are less pronounced, making it an excellent nighttime strain.

Relieving Pain and Anxiety

This is one of the relaxing strains that are widely used by people to treat chronic pain as well as managing anxiety.

Side Effects of Bali Gold Kratom

  • It might be too fatiguing
  • Can cause stomach upset, wobbles and nausea

Origin of Bali Gold Kratom

This strain of kratom was developed from the red vein types after going through along drying process. This variety has gold veins that distinguish it from the red vein kratom. This process has altered both the strain effects and leaf color.

Properties and Stimulating Effects of Bali Gold Kratom

Bali gold kratom has less stimulating effects as compared to the Red Bali strain. It is therefore not recommended for those people who want to stay focused for many hours. It is predominantly used as a sedative. It is widely used by people who enjoy taking kratom at nighttime. It has mood-boosting properties that make someone feel good and relaxed when asleep.

Main Compounds of Bali Gold Kratom

Both the Gold and Red strains of kratom are rich in alkaloids. Some of the common alkaloids found in these strains include mitragynine and hydroxymiragynine.

Recommended Dosage for Gold Bali Kratom

  • The following is the recommended dosage for this strain of kratom;
  • High dose for expert users-4-6 g
  • The medium dose for standard users is 2.5-4 g
  • The threshold dose for new uses -1.5 g
  • The light dose for beginner users is2-2.5 g

Where Can You Buy Bali Gold Kratom?

Its users are advised to purchase only high-quality products from reliable suppliers like Gaia Ethnobotanical. This is one of the leading manufacturers of kratom powder. Their products are packed in 1kg, 250 g, and 1oz packs. You can also buy it online from genuine suppliers.

Kratom Spot is a reputable online kratom vendor known for extracting and supplying superior top quality Kratom at reasonable prices. They produce a wide variety of quality Kratom extracts that include Capsules and powder in multiple strains in their stock.

The services at Kratom Spot are incredible making it a fast moving business in the market. All orders are delivered with quick shipping to its destination. Perhaps most of the customers who have purchased at Kratom Spot have shown their satisfaction regarding the finest kratom strains. This is just an overview introduction about the Kratom Spot. Let us now dive deeper and explore what Kratom Spot offer and how it works.

Where is Kratom Spot Located?

Kratom Spot is an online US-based company operating from Irvine, California. It’s among the best suppliers of top-quality Kratom from its original area of growth. This Company is ranked among the top producers of Kratom product because of the excellent customer’s satisfaction & you can say no to disease.

Kratom Spot has successfully laid a good foundation for their customer to get the best. Now, their customers can access up to 30 types of kratom strain that are available on their website. So if you’re a new user who wants to order kratom from their online store, you should expect the following things:

  • Pure Kratom products that have no contaminant
  • Premium top quality Kratom from credible sources
  • Kratom without chemicals, additives, or added fillers
  • Ensured results
  • Fair-trade policy
  • Guaranteed user satisfaction

Kratom Spot Products

This online store deals with a wide variety of kratom products like capsules, powders, and Kava. All of these are fine products with unique effects. Most of the clients making online orders are purchasing kratom powder. But you may be asking yourself; what could be the reason? Well, it’s simple. Kratom powder is made from fresh leaves selected only from the mature kratom trees. During the peak season, the harvesting process of kratom starts making it possible to get maximum yield of the purest kratom leaves.I would like to recommend to check locally Walgreens shops at https://saynotodisease.com/best-place-to-buy-kratom-locally-at-walgreens/

Here are some of the best products sold at Kratom Spot

  • Red Vein Bali Kratom
  • Red Thai Kratom
  • White Vein Bali Kratom
  • Green Vein Indo Kratom
  • White VeinIndo Kratom
  • Green Thai Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • White Vein Borneo Kratom
  • White Vein SumatraKratom
  • Red Malay Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom

Kratom Spot Prices and Affordability

The cost of kratom has always been a major concern to many clients. It may be hard to understand how the pricing of this kratom works. Yes, kratom extractions are quite expensive and also remember that strains come in a variety with a different cost.

Customer Care Service

Kratom Spot is among the best companies providing quick and active customer care lines. They aim to ensure clients get proper assistance regarding all information and tracking of the orders.

Most of the discussions forums on kratom concentrate on the best online kratom vendors. And from the reviews, Kratom Spot has been deemed as the authentic and trusted kratom suppliers in the market. Most of the Kratom Spot’s users recommend their products for the following reasons:

  • High-quality Kratom
  • Fast delivery
  • Efficient customer service

Bottom line

There is no doubt when it comes to product quality of Kratom spot. The company works to ensure orders are shipped within 24 hours and tracked to their destinations. Accuracy is at the top level as customers get what they order and their details well secured. Thus, Kratom Spot is the online store for you to get genuine and high-quality kratom strains in different varieties.

Kratom is becoming more and more popular in smoke shops around the country. From helping manage symptoms for everything from pain and insomnia, to helping people discontinue opiate use its become increasingly accessible and has become a non addictive way for people to get the relief they need.

A regular question, though, is what kind should I buy and use? Kratom comes in a multitude of strains and can be prepared different ways such as capsules, raw leaves, tinctures, and powder. Based on what you are wanting to use it for helps to dictate which strain and form you should seek. For example: red vein strains have a more sedating effect, while white vein strains are more stimulating, and green vein leaves can have qualities of both and are usually used by people in smaller doses for energy and in larger doses for pain and sleep management.

When looking for which formula works best for you it’s best to start with powdered leaves or capsules because they’re less expensive and offer the benefits of the plant while keeping you from having to deal with any side effects such as being overly drowsy. Smoke shop employees have become increasingly educated on kratom, it’s uses, and the different strains and formulas in order to help their customers when they come in.

By offering this alternative, many people have found an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals that don’t have all of the risky side effects and risk of dependency and overdose. If you have questions researching online, as well as visiting your local smoke shop, can prove extremely beneficial and help to get the best possible relief when you need it.