Super Speciosa Kratom Vendor



         Super Speciosa is a USA based Kratom vendor who is GMP qualified by American Kratom Association. They gather fresh Kratom from Indonesia and also check the sustainability of the kratom by trusted harvesters. Also the kratom gets tested batch to batch by third party for quality check and presence of other substances in it. They provide white, green and red kratom strains. However the vendor is fully engaged in making customers happy and satisfied as they say that their customers deserve all the good  services by them.

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Why to choose Super Speciosa?

        While there are many vendors on web who are selling kratom and making money without giving attention to the quality of kratom, it is hard to find a vendor who sells all pure products and is loyal with its customers.super speciosa is best choice for the people who want quality kratom. They get kratom leaves by reliable harvesters and get them dried indoor to maintain the purity, also you will find kratom in fresh leaf form. The kratom is tested batch to batch by third party for testing contaminants and impurities and meeting the quality standards of GMP. all the products are packaged by machines, no hand packed products just to avoid germs and to keep the products hygienic. All the strains are finely milled and the blends are superb.

Which products they offer?

    Super speciosa deals in kratom powder, teas, capsules, tablets and Hemp CBD. Products and prices for powder kratom are mentioned below;

  • Super speciosa kratom
  • Green maeng da
  • Premium bali
  • Red bali
  • Red maeng da
  • White maeng da
  • White thai

Price range is from $9.99-$599

Mentioned below is variety of kratom Capsules;

  • White maeng da
  • Green maeng da
  • Red maeng da
  • Premium bali
  • Super speciosa
  • White thai
  • Red bali

Price range $16.00-$81.00

Tablets are also available in following strains;

  • Red maeng da
  • White maeng da
  • Green maeng da

Price range is $7.99-$39.99 for all strains.

Returns and refunds

The vendor makes customers relaxed by offering a cash back guarantee. It makes it easy for a person to trust a vendor and the product before shopping from them. Super speciosa offers a 30 days return with full cashback. It requires a receipt and the person has to bear charges for shipping. Returns are only acceptable if a product is damaged or has a quality issue.

Shipping policy

Cut off Time to place an order is by 2pm and does same day shipping. If you iorder after 2pm the order will be shipped the next working day. Shipments are done through USPS, priority mail and express mail. Expected time for delivery is 1-2 days for express and 2-3 days for priority mail.


  • High alkaloids
  • Fine quality
  • Finely milled
  • Clean and hygienic packaging process
  • Quality kratom by reliable harvesters
  • Products have wide range
  • Many happy customers according to reviews
  • Informative website
  • GMP qualified
  • Third party lab tested
  • Fast delivery
  • Return offer with cashback


  • Limited strains and blends
  • Limited range in tablets
  • Price is little high
  • No free delivery
  • No sample packs